Safety isn't optional

After decades of approaching the problem of stress fractures in high use parts like commercial turbine blades the same way, it’s time to use a better technology. Unfortunately, although neutron radiography has been in place since the 1950’s, it has always been tethered to a nuclear reactor. Theia has changed that.

portable neutron radiography

Pioneered by Theia’s Dr. Kelly Jordan, this technology will revolutionize how maintenance professionals conduct non-destructive inspection in every industrial field. Gone are the days when you have to ship your turbine blades, rocket components, or welded parts to a reactor or building-sized neutron scanning site.


Theia takes an established

method and makes it easy, safe, and cost-effective at the point of need, the factory line or maintenance bay. With all weather design, Theia neutron scanning can be stored indoors or outdoors. Small enough to be loaded onto a truck, it brings 21st century advances in metallic inspection without dominating valuable square footage.

Why theia imaging?

  • Group 256portable


    Technology decouples neutrons from nuclear reactors, allowing a new era of NDI portability

  • Group 256pratical


    Neutrons penetrate materials of all kinds that x-rays do not, allowing a new level of inspection capability

  • Group 256safe


    With self-containerized shielding, Theia’s Neutron scanning system requires no on-site construction

  • Group 256cost-effective

    Cost Effective

    On-site scanning and in-situ solutions require no shipping of parts or equipment